Autumn treasures

Can you smell the passing summer? Maybe you will regret warm nights and sunny days, but the lazily creeping autumn has its undeniable advantages! The end of August and September is the time, when many of us go to the forest to pick mushrooms. When the frosts come and it blows, we miss the rustle of leaves and twigs under our feets, and the memory of our walks and the view of the autumn blaze of colors fade from our minds.

To make these fleeting moments with you longer, froze time in compositions in the atmosphere of autumn forest, you can buy ready-made compositions or make them yourself by pinning dry grasses, leaves and fruits of the forest on one of our many wicker wreaths. We invite all enthusiasts of autumn and #DIY compositions to our store.

Нам очень жаль, но предложение, которое вы ищете, в настоящий момент недоступно. Приглашаем ознакомиться с нашим текущим предложением.